L4.Sec Implementation

Anton Soppelsa soppelsa at igi.cnr.it
Fri Mar 3 20:59:43 CET 2006

My name is Anton Soppelsa and I'm doing a PhD course at the "Istituto 
Gas Ionizzati" (Ionized Gas Institute) in Padova (Italy). I am a control 
system engineer and at the moment I'm involved in some work with a 
Motorola mv5500 Single Board Computer installed in a VME rack. As I am a 
free software supporter and I don't like too much our working developing 
platform as is based on the proprietary VxWorks operative system. For 
this reason I am interested in GPL-ed real time operative systems. I 
read the specification of the L4.Sec system, but unfortunately I am not 
able to fully understand the concept of capability space. Probably this 
happens because I am one of those that need to see how things are made 
to catch the concept of what they really are. Even if I don't think, at 
this moment, that L4.Sec is exactly what I need (because speed is my 
real priority), I'm anyway curious about how it works. So if your new 
project is at a point where you actually have some structures, or 
classes implementing the capability space, will your team be so kind to 
send me that piece of code? I will read it with interest in my spare time.
Many thanks,

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