L4Linux booting failed

chenggh04 at st.lzu.edu.cn chenggh04 at st.lzu.edu.cn
Fri Apr 14 09:16:21 CEST 2006

   I compile the L4Linux with plain mode! But when I boot L4Linux it is wrong. The
information is as following:

   RNGR: Stage1
   loading (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/sigma0
   loading kernel (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/main -nowait -nokdb -serial_esc
   The module
   00:00300000-00390408: (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/main -nowait -nokdb -serial
   overlaps with module loaded by bootloader at
   00100000-001caec0: RMGR
   00:0020f000-002661ac: (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/main -nowait 
   01:00267000-00275925: (hd0,1)/boot/fiasc_L4/sigma0
==>02:00276000-004d8950: (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/vmlinuz.V2 no-scroll no

  The reason for this error message is that the modules as loaded by GRUB
Interface           with their final position as defined by the linker. Most often
you can solve this    problem by inserting the command "modaddr 0x02000000"
immediately as next line after the "kernel=" line of you menu.lst. Note that you
have to use a special version of GRUB which is avaiable from http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/drops/download.html

    The grub about L4Linux is :
      title fiasco_L4Linux
    root (hd0,1)
    kernel (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/rmgr -sigma0 task modname "vmlinuz" module
    modaddr 0x02000000
    module (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/main -nowait -nokdb -serial_esc -comspee
d 115200 -comport 1
    module (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/sigma0
    module (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/vmlinuz.V2 no-scroll no-hlt l4irqack=lin
ux load_ramdisk=1 ramdisk_size=16384 root=/dev/ram
    module (hd0,1)/boot/fiasco_L4/drops-rd.rd
    I don't know what is wrong! Please help me! Thank you!

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