[EMSCB] L4Linux + IPC

Oskar Senft oskar.senft at crypto.rub.de
Tue May 2 18:51:39 CEST 2006

Hi all!

We are using different Deamons running in L4Linux providing IPC services
to other L4 task. With the most current DROPS CVS checkout, the L4Linux
user processes freeze completely, as soon as an IPC call is executed
which causes the process to sleep (eg. DICE IPC server loop).

The L4Linux kernel seems to run, as it answers Ethernet/IP "ping"
requests. A connection to a running SSH daemon no longer is possible and
active SSH connection freeze, too.
=> Only L4Linux userland processes are frozen ?!?

This did not happen with other version of L4Linux (eg. from January) and
does not depend on the program we run in L4Linux - it happens with
different applications that provide IPC services.

Is this a problem with our settings for L4Env / L4Linux? Or could it be
a bug in L4Linux?

Do you have a test program that should run?


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