Fiasco hello world problem..

raghavendra pai grpai1 at
Mon May 8 11:34:27 CEST 2006

Hi ,

    I was trying to run hello world program in Fiasco .
    I downloaded the hello world from the CVS and did the steps as given in
the site.

 but I was trying to boot using my pc the hello world program .
 the grub entry in grub.conf file was

 title hello world
        module /fiasco-boot/main -nokdb
        module /fiasco-boot/sigma0
        module /fiasco-boot/roottask
        module /fiasco-boot/hello

When i booted it the following was displayed

Booting "Hello World"
   module /fiasco/main -nokdb

 Error No:20 Multiboot kernel must be loaded before modules..

What is the cause of error..

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