con-ux bug?

Wei Shen cquark at
Fri May 12 10:48:51 CEST 2006


I run con-ux with:
./fiasco -G 800x600 at 16 -m 128 -l names -l dm_phys -l con-ux

The output is:

>*con     | Using fast memcpy.
>*con     | Character size is 8x14, font has 256 characters
>*con     | VESA reports 800x600 at 16 1600bpl (0000) [4096kB]
>*con     | Color mapping: red=11:5 green=5:6 blue=0:5 res=0:0
> ... ....
>*con     | Mapping I/O UX video mem c0000000 => 00400000+000000 [4096kB]
>*con     | Using MMXEXT for colorspace transform

>KERNEL: 7.2 (tcb=201c1000) killed:
>Unhandled trap

>EAX 00000025 EBX 0000122b ECX 0000000a EDX 00000000
>ESI 00000320 EDI 00b0d73c EBP 012ffda8 ESP 012ffda4
>EIP 00b0dc7f EFLAGS 00200206
>CS 0002 SS 007b DS 007b ES 007b FS 0000 GS 0000
>trap 13 (General Protection), error 00000402, from user mode
>(internal event regarding IDT gate descriptor no. 0x80)

The backtrace:

>main              // l4con/server/src/main.c
>vc_clear        // vc.c
>pslim_fill        // pslim.c

In "sw_fill", "vc->do_drty" equals 11589436, which seems invalid.
Maybe, it should be NULL?
Maybe, we should add "new->do_drty = fg_do_drty;" to line 402 in main.c?


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