ore with fiasco-ux

Hieb,Jeffrey Lloyd jlhieb01 at louisville.edu
Thu Jun 1 03:13:14 CEST 2006

Thanks, that helped alot on the L4 ore side.
Arping seems to run fine now except that  packets seem not to be
making it to and from the host network .

Do I need to configure something for the tunnel for fiasco-ux ??



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> Hello,
>> When I run under fiasco-ux:
>> ./fiasco -N -s -l names -l dm_phys -l log -l "l4io --noirq" -l ore -l
>> ore_test_arping
> First, please add "-n9" to your command line. This enables task 9 (ore)
> to execute native system calls using int80.
>> ore     | main(): Initialized 1 network devices.
>> ore     | Device =   lo, IRQ =  0, MAC = 00:00:00:00:00:00
> There should be 2 network devices: lo and eth0. The arping test tries to
> open eth0 and this fails because of the missing device.
> Please do a "make cleanall" in your l4/pkg/ore directory.
> Then "make config" in l4/pkg/ore/server and configure the server to run
> with Fiasco UX only. Thereafter rebuild the ORe directory. This will
> compile the ux_net driver into the ORe server, which in turn will
> provide an eth0 interface.
> Note that "make cleanall" also erases configuration files. A subsequent
> "make" will use the default config from l4/pkg/ore/server/defconfig. By
> default this builds ORe with a real network driver again. If you are
> only using UX, you might copy your .config to defconfig so that "make
> cleanall && make" builds ORe for UX.
> So far
> Bjoern

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