Build Issues

Michael J. Emswiler memswiler at
Sat Jun 17 07:59:49 CEST 2006


I am trying to follow the directions (which may be old?) on the Fiasco site 
for building.  (I am attempting to build a full DROP system eventually.)

I am running OpenSuse 10.1, and have installed GCC 3.4.6 specifically for this 
purpose.  After restructuring my dev area, I am building out of 
usr/src/drops.  I have checked out the latest versions of l4 and l4linux-2.6 
(even tried the hello alias.)

For some reason, I can't seem to get past a missing configure in the tool/dice 

Can anyone clue me in as to how to generate this file properly?

I start in usr/src/drops, create a bin directory to receive the output, type 
make -C l4 config and point DROPS_STDDIR to /usr/src/drops/bin, then I check 
the Linux-2.6 kernel sources available, and the default path appears correct 
($(L4DIR)/../l4linux-2.6) and Save the configuration.

Subsequently, I cd directly into l4 and try a simple make.  It then asks for 
me to always provide O=.../builddir -- is this the same dir I provide in the 
config Target Path for DROPS_STDDIR ?

So after doing that, it wants me to run config again ... so I do and set the 
paths all over again.

After that, it gets through the bootstrap step in dice, but fails 
because ./configure does not exist.

I am sure I am doing something stupid or missing a vital stip.  Any tips would 
be appreciated.


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