Build problems with make 3.81rc2

Oskar Senft o.senft at
Mon Jun 19 23:22:02 CEST 2006

Hi people!

With "GNU Make 3.81rc2" and "GNU sed version 4.1.4" from Debian
testing, I get an error with the following entries in

$(SYSTOOLS): %.$(SYSTEM): .general.d
        $(VERBOSE)sed '\
        s, at system@,$(SYSTEM),g;\
        s, at ar@,$(AR),g;\
        s, at nm@,$(NM),g;\
        s, at ranlib@,$(RANLIB),g;\
        s, at cc@,$(CC_$(DEFAULT_ARCH)),g;\
        s, at cxx@,$(CXX_$(DEFAULT_ARCH)),g;\
        s, at l4dir@,$(absfilename $(L4DIR)),g;\
        s, at dropsdir@,$(DROPS_STDDIR),g;\
        s, at compilerincdir@,$(GCCDIR_$(DEFAULT_ARCH))/include,g;\
        s, at libgcc@,$(GCCLIB_$(DEFAULT_ARCH)),g;\
        s, at libgcc_eh@,$(GCCLIB_EH_$(DEFAULT_ARCH)),g;\
        s, at default_system@,$(DEFAULT_SYSTEM),g;\
        s, at default_arch@,$(DEFAULT_ARCH),g;\
        s, at default_cpu@,$(call PROCESS_SYSTEM,
        s, at default_l4api@,$(call PROCESS_SYSTEM, 's/.*-\(.*\)/\1/p'),g;\
        ' $< > $
        $(VERBOSE)chmod 755 $
        $(VERBOSE)mv $ $@

For some reason (probably "make" or "sed" is broken?), the multi-line
sed command is not recognized properly. I get the following error:

  ... Generating drops-ar.Linux
sed '\
        s, at system@,Linux,g;\
        s, at ar@,ar,g;\
        s, at nm@,nm,g;\
        s, at ranlib@,ranlib,g;\
        s, at cc@,,g;\
        s, at cxx@,,g;\
        s, at l4dir@,,g;\

s, at dropsdir@,/home/osk/tmp/dropsupdate-060619-163030/drops-060619/build,g;\
        s, at compilerincdir@,/include,g;\
        s, at libgcc@,,g;\
        s, at libgcc_eh@,,g;\
        s, at default_system@,x86_586,g;\
        s, at default_arch@,x86,g;\
        s, at default_cpu@,586,g;\
        s, at default_l4api@,,g;\
        ' >
sed: -e expression #1, char 359: unterminated address regex
make: *** [drops-ar.Linux] Error 1

When I try it "by hand", I get the same error. Nevertheless it works,
when I put all the sed command into a single line.

Probably you already have a better solution to that?

Best regards

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