MIKES 2006 workshop update

Ihor Kuz ihor.kuz at nicta.com.au
Wed Jun 21 00:39:55 CEST 2006


Several months ago we sent you an invitation to the MIKES 2006 
(microkernels for embedded systems) workshop being held in Sydney this 
August.  Unfortunately there have been too few submissions to create a 
quality workshop program worthy of interest.

The organisers have decided to postpone the workshop until January
2007, and will work hard on advertising the workshop more widely. We
encourage you to resubmit your work to MIKES later this year for the
workshop in January.


Ihor Kuz

on behalf of the MIKES workshop organising committee:

   Gernot Heiser
   Stefan Petters
   Ihor Kuz


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