Michael Scheibel m.scheibel at sirrix.com
Fri Jul 21 17:20:36 CEST 2006

Hello list,

we have compiled the following interface with DICE 2.2.9:

UInt32 genBuf(
[out, size_is(*bufLen), max_is(MAX_BUFFER_SIZE)] UInt8** buf, 
[out] UInt32* bufLen,
[out, size_is(*buf2Len),  max_is(MAX_BUFFER_SIZE)] UInt8** buf2,  
[out] UInt32* buf2Len);

UInt32 is defined as unsigned long, UInt8 as unsigned char, and 

DICE options are

Running the generated stubs we noticed that ~0.89% of the IPC transactions 
fail. In such a case the parameters passed to the server still contain their 
initialization values on return. The client trace says "ipc error c0" and the 
server trace says "DICE_NO_REPLY".

We would be happy about some hints what's going wrong here...


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