The future of L4

Guillaume FORTAINE guillaume.fortaine at
Sun Jul 30 20:58:54 CEST 2006

Hello all,

I believe it's  time to use ne tools to develop a robust l4 based os. here are my suggestions :

c++ multithreaded language :

c++ library :

Could we replace glibc with uclibc++ and ntpl with the uc++ language ?

build system :

parrallel and asychronous api:

(scheduler and api for l4) => focused on performance : could not we consider a pc as an asynchronous platform ?

video server : was not thought for multithread. It's time to change ;-) !


compiler :

(used by los alamos laboratory ;-) !)

Sound :

system development environment :

A new concept : a meta-distribution (port for hurd planned :-) !)

debuggers :

I believe with this new tools we can construct the best system ever ...

Best Regards,

          Guillaume FORTAINE

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