about L4Linux supporting for 312MHz Intel XScale Bulverde (PXA270) processor

Wenbin Zhang wbzhang at cs.sunysb.edu
Wed Oct 18 16:20:25 CEST 2006


I notice in the L4Linux website, you mentioned that

The ARM port currently runs on the following platforms:

    * PLEB
          The University of New South Wales' embedded hardware
          * Supports both PLEB1 (SA1100) and PLEB2 (XScale PXA255)

    * TuxScreen - StrongARM based phone platform.
    * Intel's IDXP450 Xscale development platform (XScale IXP450).

Now I have a Motorola E680i cell phone, it is using 312MHz Intel XScale
Bulverde (PXA270) processor, which is using the 5th generation of the ARM
architecture. Is it supported by L4Linux currently?

Thank you very much!

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