L4Linux and virtualization

Robert Gubler rgubler at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 02:16:15 CET 2006


I'd like to run two L4Linux 2.4 based kernels and one L4Linux 2.6 based
kernel.  Is this something that can be achieved relatively easily or would
all running kernels need to be 2.6/2.4?

How do the 'guest' kernels communicate to each other in an L4 environment?
In User Mode Linux (UML) and Xen on the guest kernels there is built-in
support for pseudo Ethernet devices; these devices are then bridged together
on the host kernel.  I understand the architecture is considerably different
in L4, but is there some similar mechanism already in place that allows
Ethernet/IP communication between the running Linux kernels?

Thanks in advance,

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