Does the L4/Fiasco boot from CF card?

chenggh chenggh04 at
Sat Nov 18 11:12:48 CET 2006

	Today I want to boot the L4/Fiasco/L4Linux in the CF card. I copy all the 
necessary files into the CF card and install the Grub-0.97-os.1 in this CF 
card. My test machine is a VIA development board and in this board the CF 
card is connected with this machine by the IDE plugin.
	My grub menu.lst is as following:

title           L4Linux26/Fiasco+dope
kernel          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/bootstrap
modaddr         0x06000000
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/main -nowait -nokdb -serial_esc -comspeed 
115200 -comport 1
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/sigma0
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/roottask task modname "bmodfs" attached 4 
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/events
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/names --events
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/log --events
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/dm_phys --isa=0x00800000 -v --events
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/simple_ts -t 300 --events
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/rtc --events
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/l4io --noirq --events
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/l4exec --events
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/l4dope --l4io --menubar --transparency
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/loader --fprov=BMODFS linux26.cfg
module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/bmodfs
        module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/vmlinuz26
        module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/linux26.cfg
        module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/
        module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/
vbeset 0x117 506070

	In the PC I have tested this configuration file and it is ok. Wh en I boot 
the VIA machine I choose the only one option to have this results.
	Booting L4Linux26/Fiasco+dope
	kernel  (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/bootstrap

	Error 13 Invalid or unsupported executable format
	pass anykey to continue...

	I tried it many times and I think it could recognize the file and file system 
(now it is ext3 and I  have ever tried ext2). But I don't know why is this 
	Best wishes.
	Thank you.

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