bug in cross-compiler?

Ryan C. Spring rcs at spring-west.net
Mon Nov 20 18:30:59 CET 2006

I am cross-compiling the DROPS system for ARM and get compiler errors
about "too many initializers" when it compiles the following statement
from syscalls_impl.h (line 249)

  l4_threadid_t preempter = L4_INVALID_ID;
  l4_threadid_t pager = L4_INVALID_ID;

When I initialize the unions without the defines, by hand as, it compiles.

  l4_threadid_t preempter;
  preempter.raw = (l4_umword_t)-1;
  l4_threadid_t pager;
  pager.raw = (l4_umword_t)-1;

I'm using a TI-provided GCC 3.3.2 ARM crosscompiler.  Is my
cross-compiler to blame here?  If so, could someone recommend a
cross-compiler toolchain for ARM that doesn't error on this syntax?


Ryan C. Spring
Doctoral Student
University of Texas at El Paso

+1 915-539-7311

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