L4Linux on L4Ka::Pistachio

Christian, Martin, OPEE45 Martin.Christian at eads.com
Thu Dec 14 17:03:44 CET 2006


1. Status Report
I've got a L4Ka::Pistachio running on an embedded PowerPC and my goal is
to get a Linux running on top by end of January. This is part of my
"Diplomarbeit" at the University of Leipzig.

2. Questions
a) Is the L4Env required for running L4Linux?
b) How much time would it take to port L4Env to L4Ka::Pistachio?
c) If L4Env was ported to L4Ka::Pistachio, could I run L4Linux without
d) What about the Fiasco port to PowerPC from Mathias Lange? He
mentioned some problems, so it didn't work. Is it running now? Where
could I get the source code?
e) If Fiasco would be running on PowerPC, would it be possible to run
L4Linux without changes?
f) I've read something about L4Linux running on L4Ka::Pistachio with
Kernel 2.4? Did I get that right? So I could at least get an old Linux
kernel running on my system.
g) Anything else?

Best regards and thanks for your time,


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