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Thu Dec 21 12:56:43 CET 2006


>On Wed Dec 20, 2006 at 14:00:26 +0800, halo.duan wrote:
>> and I check the host linux configuration. the page offset is
>> CONFIG_PAGE_OFFSET=0xC0000000 which is correct as your
>> suggestion.I guss that fiasco-ux must be failed to interpret ELF
>> of sigma0/roottask/irq0  and execute it . I put the same "hello"
>> bin in grub/ fiasco environment. it works fun. JDB does not help
>> me becuase that fiasco-ux enter a stage that  CRTL-C does not
>> work, I can not bring the system to jdb stage with CRTL-C. ps
>> can find three processes which are 'fiasco-ux,[I][irq0] and
>> [fiasco-ux].   I can use strace for fiasco-ux and [i][irq0]. but
>> failed to trace [fiasco-ux].

>Thats correct, as the fiasco-ux is already ptracing the [fiasco-ux]
>binary. I think you haven't shown us the full log of the segfault and
>the text before yet, so please post it. We should be able to see more
>when we see the log.

following is my screen copy of fisco-ux. it's freezed there. I can not use CTRL-C to bring up the jdb.

[root at athena l4]# ./fiasco-ux -l hello                                      

Fiasco-UX on Linux 2.6.15-1.2054_FC5 (i686)                                     
Mapped 64 MB Memory + 0 KB Framebuffer + 0 MB Input Area on FD 3

Loading Module 0x00090000-0x00099380 [sigma0]
Loading Module 0x00120000-0x002b09e4 [roottask]
Copying Module 0x039bb000-0x039e0d4e [hello]


Welcome to Fiasco(ux)!
DD-L4(v2)/x86 microkernel (C) 1998-2006 TU Dresden
Rev: Fri Dec  8 18:40:04 2006 compiled with gcc 4.1.0 for Intel Pentium III

CPU: GenuineIntel (6:8:3:2) Model: Pentium III (Coppermine) at 797 MHz

  32 Entry I TLB (4K pages)      2 Entry I TLB (4M pages)
  64 Entry D TLB (4K pages)      8 Entry D TLB (4M pages)
  16 KB L1 I Cache (4-way associative, 32 bytes per line)
  16 KB L1 D Cache (4-way associative, 32 bytes per line)
 256 KB L2 U Cache (8-way associative, 32 bytes per line)

Freeing init code/data: 28672 bytes (7 pages)

Calibrating timer loop... done.

freezed to above

ps shows there are three related process
 1955 pts/0    R+     2:18 ./fiasco-ux -l hello
 1956 pts/0    S+     0:00 [I](irq0)
 1957 pts/0    T+     0:00 [fiasco-ux]

strace shows segment fault, i think it's normal for execute "CLI" in userland .

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