L4Linux (dm_phys?) problem

Jugwan Eom zugwan at postech.ac.kr
Wed Jan 11 09:45:30 CET 2006

2006-01-10 (화), 23:54 +0100, Adam Lackorzynski 쓰시길:
> With your files I can see this behaviour as well. It's not the kernel,
> at least. But I can't see any further what it really is. In dispatch.c
> there's a #if 0 at the beginning of the file. Make that to #if 1 to
> enable the logging macros and rebuild. (Your source tree is up to date,
> right?) Now I'd like to see the trace log right after init has been
> started. You should make that image available, maybe I can dig a bit
> further this way.

I put the rebuilded files in <http://getgid.postech.ac.kr/l4.tar.bz2>.
I have another question. Does this problem only happens to me?

Jugwan Eom

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