hello and question from a l4 beginner

Espen Skoglund esk at ira.uka.de
Tue Jan 24 19:27:07 CET 2006

[Xavier Grave]
> Hi everybody,
> I have just discovered l4 because I have started to translate a
> simple OS in Ada (SOS from http://sos.enix.org), and now I would
> like to develop an Ada interface to L4.  Actually I have compiled
> pistachio and I run a very simple Ada executable on top of it.

> There something strange with my executable : it sends page fault
> error to sigma0 (label 0xffe5 and 0xffe2) even before I start to
> execute code...  Does somebody have an idea ?

I assume you're running your executable as the root task.

When the root task (or any task for that matter) starts, it doesn't
have anything mapped into its address space.  Upon trying to execute
the first instruction it will therefore raise a page faults.  This is
probably the page fault you're observing in sigma0.


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