Instances of lazy scheduling and timeslice donation in L4 implementations

Sergio Ruocco sruocco at
Wed Jan 25 05:02:24 CET 2006

Udo A. Steinberg wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:01:22 +1100 Sergio Ruocco (SR) wrote:
> SR> Beware that Quantum and Timeslice are not the same thing. Quantum
> is the SR> amount of execution time after which the thread scheduler
> receives an SR> RPC. After the RPC the Quantum is re-initialised to
> the value of SR> thread's TimeSlice, but the thread scheduler is free
> to set it to any SR> value, including oo, independently from
> timeslice. SR> SR> So, to avoid confusion, let's keep Quantum outside
> of this discussion.
> We are using conflicting terminology here. What I refer to as a time
> slice or scheduling context is a time quantum Q coupled with a
> priority P. A thread with such a time slice can run with priority P
> for Q units of time.

I was referring to the definitions of Timeslice and Quantum given in
these L4::Pistachio and N1 specifications [1]. From your description
seems that what you call quantum is what these specifications call

> I guess it is implementation-dependent. In our Fiasco kernel there is
> a strict distinction between time slices and execution contexts.
> During an IPC with lazy scheduling the kernel switches execution
> contexts but not time slices.
...nor priorities (or what follows is incorrect).

> This means that both A's priority and time quantum remain in effect -
> and thus B runs with A's priority and consumes A's time quantum
> until the time quantum is depleted and a new time slice is selected
> by the scheduler.

Here we enter in a tricky area. What is the difference from quantum and
timeslice from your perspective ?

> SR> In fact, as soon as a thread C of intermediate priority between A
> and B SR> is ready to run, it immediately preempts B, because B was
> running on A's SR> timeslice, not on A's priority.
> Not in our kernel. An intermediate thread C can be woken up but it
> cannot preempt B as long as A's time slice hasn't run out. long as A's time slice...or quantum ? To me they are not synonyms.
Moreover, writing 'timeslice' contradicts [2] above, unless Fiasco
conflates the notion of quantum and timeslice.

I keep asking because from the L4::Pistachio specification [1] they seem
to be quite different concepts. The end of a timeslice causes a
preemption. The end of a quantum causes an IPC to the thread scheduler.

> SR> What do mean with the "priority of A's time quantum" ??
> In our model every time quantum is coupled with a priority. If it
> doesn't become clear from the description above I can elaborate some
> more.
> - Udo

OK, what I understood from this discussion is that Fiasco follows a
specification that differs from [1], not only in substance, but also in
key terminology, and this can easily lead to confusion. I will read more
about Fiasco, and keep it consideration in the following discussion.




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