Reloading L4Linux problem

Martin Pohlack mp26 at
Sun Mar 12 19:19:45 CET 2006

Hi Jugwan,

> I encountered problems reloading L4Linux. After shutdown loaded L4Linux,
> I tried reloading the L4Linux (same configuration) using 'l' command in
> l4con but it didn't work(network device probe failed, lost ide disk
> interrupt). During booting L4linux showed "irq_thread: RMGR denied IRQ
> 14: code 0x1".
> Because I use l4con, I can see the system memory on bottom right. After
> shutdown loaded L4Linux, it still shows the same value before. Using 'a'
> command in l4con memory region used by previous L4Linux seem to be still
> allocated. IMHO, this is the source to fail to reloading L4Linux.
> Because memory region by used L4Linux includes the DMA region, reloading
> L4Linux cannot control the system device.
> Is this a bug in L4Linux or other L4Env server? Also, see the attached
> log.

IIRC, for restarting and resource freeing to work your need to start the
event server and tell all participating parties to use it (most often
the --events switch).

Maybe others can provide more detail on this ...


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