L4Env and L4 version X.2.

Volkmar Uhlig vuhlig at us.ibm.com
Thu May 11 02:18:06 CEST 2006

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> On Thu May 04, 2006 at 18:26:56 -0500, sethb wrote:
> > Is there ongoing work to port L4Env to L4 version X.2?
> None that I know of.
> > How much work would it be?
> Quite a bit, I guess. If you have an IDL compiler you can 
> then go through every module and port it over, probably 
> redesigning some parts of it.

The X.2 interface was designed such that a mapping of V2 -> X.2 is
possible via wrapper functions.  The fixed thread/task model can be
emulated and ex-regs etc can be mapped as well.  Main problem is the IDL
compiler; not sure if Dice supports X.2... Ron?

- Volkmar

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