TCP/IP between L4Linux and L4 task

Bjoern Doebel doebel at
Thu May 11 10:55:49 CEST 2006


> Well, sounds good. So I'm currently trying to integrate the latest e1000
> driver (v7.0.33) into ORe as my e1000 adapter is not supported by the
> current one but encountered the following problem:
> The updated driver wants to alloc some pages using alloc_page(). This
> results in a undefined reference to "_alloc_pages" when linking ore:

Hmmm. Seems that _alloc_pages() is not implemented in the Device Driver
Environment for some reasons. Christian?

Anyway, are you using a 2.6 driver for the e1000? ORe can only handle
2.4 at the moment.

> I suppose I have to link something else? Any hints appreciated.
The fastest solution will probably be to adapt the driver to not use
_alloc_pages(), but get its memory from somewhere else instead.
(kmalloc()?, L4 dataspace with PINNED flag set?).

> BTW is ORe an acronym for something? What does it stand for?

ORe = Oshkosh REsurrection

Oshkosh is another software network switch, but it is not available to
the public.


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