con-ux bug?

Wei Shen cquark at
Fri May 12 15:48:42 CEST 2006


> That does not make much sense. Are you sure that you disassembled the
> same binary which caused the general protection? I assume not.

Sorry! You are right, and I made a silly mistake.

It is an "int 0x80" instruction in lx_kill() in

But I still think I am right at that the original cause. The backtrace is:

>main              // l4con/server/src/main.c
>vc_clear        // vc.c
>pslim_fill        // pslim.c
>vc->do_drty   // =  uxScreenUpdate   // con_hw/ux.c
>lx_kill             // lxfuxlibc/lib/src/lxfuxlc.c
>int 0x80


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