con-ux bug?

Udo A. Steinberg us15 at
Fri May 12 16:26:15 CEST 2006

On Fri, 12 May 2006 22:22:02 +0800 Wei Shen (WS) wrote:

WS> I tried, but I also add "-l log" as you have suggested - so it should be
WS> -n8. Forgive me ^_^.
WS> Thanks, but why not put an interpretation to the fiasco-ux website.

We're not going to add one because it's already there.

At there is some text saying:

	n tasknumber  	Allows the specified task number to perform
			native system calls and call directly into the Linux
			host kernel using int 0x80. This is useful for hybrid
			Linux/L4 programs.

If you think that is not good enough, you are of course welcome to suggest a
better description.

		- Udo

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