con-ux bug?

Wei Shen cquark at
Fri May 12 16:53:03 CEST 2006

> We're not going to add one because it's already there.
> At there is some text
> saying:
> 	n tasknumber  	Allows the specified task number to perform
> 			native system calls and call directly into the Linux
> 			host kernel using int 0x80. This is useful for hybrid
> 			Linux/L4 programs.
> If you think that is not good enough, you are of course welcome to suggest a
> better description.

I noticed the description and I knew "fiasco -h" also shows it, but
what I meaned is that it may be difficult for a freshman to associate
it with con-ux. Especially, that the example in the page with dope-ux
does not need this option.

Of course, it may be just me that can not understand :-).



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