ore with fiasco-ux

Jeff Hieb j_hieb at insightbb.com
Thu Jun 1 15:21:18 CEST 2006

I used arping from both the host and another pc connected to the same 
switch.  From the remote machine I was able to apring the real host runing 
fiasco-UX but not ore_test_arping.
I have compiled in UX_NET for fiasco-ux.

Fiasco-ux created tun0 when executed with -N switch.  But if I ifconfig tun0 
is it down
If I ifconfig tun0 up then I can tcpdump tun0 and nothing is comming through 
the tunnel when arping.

If I use uip_ore_client and ifconfig tun0 up then I the tcpdump shows the 
arp_who_has request and the reply from the host machine but then only the 
sends from the uip_ore_cleint.

Seems like I need to set up some routing or bridgeing or something but no 
luck so far.

Any suggestions would be appriciated

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>> Thanks, that helped alot on the L4 ore side.
>> Arping seems to run fine now except that  packets seem not to be
>> making it to and from the host network .
>> Do I need to configure something for the tunnel for fiasco-ux ??
> I suppose, Fiasco is configured with the UX_NET option.
>>From where do you perform arping?
> Bjoern
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