another FLIPS build problem

Norman Feske nf2 at
Thu Jun 8 13:30:09 CEST 2006

Hi David,

> However, here I am again. This time I am getting the
> following message when the the make command attempts
> to install l4dope. I have already checked out the dope
> module.
> .... help :(


> /bin/bash:
> ../../../../../../tool/gen_dopecode/gen_dopecode: No
> such file or directory

As indicated by this error message, l4/tool/gen_dopecode is
missing. This tool is used by some DOpE clients to convert
DOpE ascii commands into C code. You may simply checkout
the corresponding directory.

   cd l4/tool
   cvs up -d gen_dopecode

Then, try to continue your build by issuing 'make cont'
in the l4/pkg directory.


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