L4Env / DOPE Question

Martin Pohlack mp26 at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Sun Jun 25 23:45:53 CEST 2006

Hi Michael,

Michael J. Emswiler wrote:
> I am interested in possibly porting over OpenBinder to the L4Env / Dope 
> environment.  Was wondering if anyone has looked at this or had any thoughts 
> or any interest?
> This will be my first port of something to the L4Env (perhaps I should start 
> with something smaller), so any tips on porting (or links thereto) would be 
> greatly appreciated.

Two big ports that come to mind are "QT Embedded" (in remote CVS) and
"kaffe".  Maybe you can check how stuff is done there?

Also, porting for our system often does not only mean to adapt the
target application but to write some supporting code in lower layers.
Please be prepared for this ...


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