Userland (UX) Runtime

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Tue Jun 27 23:38:38 CEST 2006

On Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 16:26:33 -0400, Michael J. Emswiler wrote:
> When comparing differences between your output and the output of my K7-GCC4 
> binary, I notice the following differences:
> 1.  Your kernel is, while mine is the default 10.1 kernel of 
> 2.  After the "Loading Module..." messages and before "Bootstrapping...", mine 
> shows :
> Copying Module 0x039be000-0x039e0c99 [hello]
> 3.  Your running a Pentium-M (I'm running a K-7), so my TLBs and Caches are 
> different.
> 4.  My init code/data freed is 7 pages.
> 5.  I don't get a SIGSEGV after MIKEE: Exiting Thread::initialize(), it 
> appears to go into a tight loop that ignores CTRL+C.
> Not sure what all that means but thought I'd point it out in case someone has 
> an "Aha!" they might offer up.

I am currently suspecting an issue caused by the new libc on opensuse
10.1 (2.4 vs. 2.3.5 in opensuse 10.0). Unfortunately we got distracted
by some heavy thunderstorm while discussing this...

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