Running L4Linux on fiasco-ux?

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Wed Jul 5 11:11:36 CEST 2006

On Wed Jul 05, 2006 at 02:40:35 -0400, Michael J. Emswiler wrote:
> Is it possible to run l4linux under fiasco-ux with X-11 apps?

Yes, that's possible, even with the X server itself (see

> I am just testing various scenarios and playing around getting familiar with
> how things work.
> Here is the command I tried and the results :
> ./fiasco -G 1024x768 at 16 -m 256 -l names -l "dm_phys
> --mem=0x01400000,0x0a000000,0xffffffff" -l l4dope-ux -l l4ovlwm -l
> "vmlinuz26.ux mem=128M root=/dev/hda1 no-scroll"

Wow, that's adventurous. ;)

This is not going to work for various reasons, first that L4Linux cannot
be loaded directly but needs to be started by the loader. Others are,
that there are quite a few modules missing.

> I realize it may not be best to run l4linux directly off /dev/hda1 that
> way ... but this is a dedicated test system.  I will be directly booting into
> drops on that machine, once I figure out how to configure grub to do it :-)

You cannot run L4Linux under Fiasco-UX from /dev/hda as your Linux host
has already taken possession of this device. You would probably have to
hack the host kernel...  But for L4Linux on Fiasco-UX one can have a
disk image file.

I suggest that you look into l4/tool/runux. Copy config.template to
config.local and edit it appriately. Then there's a 'lx' script with
which you can start L4Linux in various configuration (with con, dope or
no output, with net or without, with blockdevice or without, etc.). When
building L4Linux make sure that you do not include any drivers,
disabling PCI should be a good start.

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