where are the headers?

Michael J. Emswiler memswiler at bigfoot.com
Wed Jul 19 18:53:41 CEST 2006

I think a few of us might be interested in such an opportunity (for 
training :-)

On Wednesday 19 July 2006 13:47, Alan Grimes wrote:
> > For graphical user interface solutions from our group, please, have a
> > look at http://demo.tudos.org/ and http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/dope/.
> I just ran your demo disk on my Athlon 800, a 6 year old machine, and OH
> MY GOD! It ran amazingly smooth. It had no trouble at all showing all
> the graphics demos at once and the quake game was smooth as silk. --
> though quite challenging! =P
> I've been trying to test out my own ideas about how to design an
> Operating system since I finalized the design in 2001. Jochen's writings
> about L4 were a major influence on my thinking.
> I have had relatively poor luck with L4. I only learned receiently how
> modules can be loaded by GRUB. Previously, I thought they were linked
> with the binary. I've only been able to play with the pre-made demo disks.
> With the new release of Minix, I had hoped to be able to rig up a server
> which would provide an API over IPC that would offer some of the
> features of my OS. -- without having to start from scratch... Minix, to
> my horror, reserves its microkernel features for it's pre-registered
> servers but then restricts userspace processes to the, by all rights,
> obsolete Unix API. =(
> Looking for a quick fix, I thought it'd be comparatively easy to use L4
> in place of the minix kernel where I'd be able to take advantage of the
> relatively mature microkernel unix implementation and also be able to
> use IPC.
> So I went back to your fine project and tried, once again, to figure out
> how your source code is laid out... My thinking now is that I need to
> save up for air fare over to Germany and get a week's worth of training
> on this codebase...


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