Michael Scheibel m.scheibel at sirrix.com
Tue Jul 25 17:53:05 CEST 2006

Am Montag 24 Juli 2006 21:55 schrieb Ronald Aigner:
> Hello,
> Michael Scheibel wrote on 24.07.2006 19:52 this:
> > Is there anything we have overlooked?
> While discussing this issue with the L4Linux maintainer, he mentioned a
> rare corner-case: it had something to do with pagefaults during IPC.
> Maybe he can elaborate on that?!

We have reduced the maximum amount of data being transmitted in an IPC call 
to be less than 4K and haven't noticed any more IPC aborts so far. Is this a 
known restriction of IPC between L4Linux tasks?


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