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Alan Grimes agrimes at
Mon Jul 31 01:01:07 CEST 2006

Guillaume FORTAINE wrote:
> Hello all,
> I believe it's  time to use ne tools to develop a robust l4 based os. here are my suggestions :

I was thinking about writing a message along these lines too. =)

> c++ multithreaded language :

Interesting. Almost all of these links are new to me. =)

My own OS project, to a large part influenced by L4, "Sphere", --
article available on request, among other things, aims to expose more of
the awesome features of the modern microkernel OS to the user.

> parrallel and asychronous api:

One of the main features of my OS design is an assynchronous IPC system.

> (scheduler and api for l4) => focused on performance : could not we consider a pc as an asynchronous platform ?

> compiler :

My concern here is locking in to a specific compiler technology. A
decient OS will support multiple languages concurrently.

> A new concept : a meta-distribution (port for hurd planned :-) !)

My main gripe against hurd/linux/minix/bsd etc is that they are ALL

> I believe with this new tools we can construct the best system ever ...

I'm not completely certain about this selection of tools, but the "best
system ever" part is indisputable. ;)

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