The future of L4

Guillaume FORTAINE guillaume.fortaine at
Tue Aug 1 03:42:30 CEST 2006


I believe we need only one language and not multiple languages : why ? 
There are few developers for L4, no need to divide them ....

C++ is for me the best language ever :

In the order ;-) !:

Hardware design :

Low level optimization :

llvm is for fpga programming (used by los alamos ;-) !) :

High level programming :

c++ with concurrency : u++

Metaprogramming :

No language was so powerful !

If you hate unix, you can try plan9 :

Future plans :

An alpha kernel for work ( mix of L4.x2 v6 and L4.sec)

A robust file system ( I think data log like nilfs with encryption 
support => trustedFS)

A device driver development framework (like linux driver develoment kit)

Support for sound/video

I sincerely believe that we need to focus on the best things that Linux 
produces and put our efforts to simplify them (one file system, sound 
system, video system, desktop environment system) to reasonably produce 
an alpha os usable and not to wait 2020 or so to have only an IDE driver ...

Best Regards,

                   Guillaume FORTAINE

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