The future of L4

Guillaume FORTAINE guillaume.fortaine at
Wed Aug 2 18:23:43 CEST 2006

Hello all,

I believe that the Mozart-Oz language could be a marvellous start point 
: object-oriented, concurrency, logic verification, security (planned)...

What do we need now ?

A good kernel design : security, asynchronous IPC, threading, real time 

A compiler : parser and optimization ( i think a sort of Elsa & 
Mozart-oz front-end for llvm )

A driver development environment  : I believe the most time consuming part

Forget Glibc .... or a poor fork of this => a new library design will be 
a good challenge too ;-) !

Powerful tools to reengineer legacy programs :

1 year of work and 100 very good programmers at least, and I think we 
will be able to enjoy it ... ;-) !

I am contacting some of the hall of fame, preparing my weapons, no 
problem. Makus & Neal were too weak because too few, but thanks to their 
effort, they show us the good way : we can revolutionize the world : 
linux was only a start point, it's time to port open source philosophy 
and community to a "military grade" quality ;-) !

Nowadays, is GNU really GNU is not Unix ( I would say GNU is only Linux 
... ). Open source life behind a legacy OS ( 30 years ) design : Unix ( 
& C language too...)

Hey guys, 15 years of development and I send you a mail with a LiveCd  : 
very impressive, all my hardware is detected ( sound & video ok) => 
better than M$ ...

But the security and the " raw" performance are indeed disappointing ( hacked 2 times in 2 years => 2000 developers behind ... ) shut down one week ( ext3 ... )

Why an asynchronous IPC and a massively multithread model ?

Asynchronous, like in real life : each one takes it times ;-) !

Massively multithread : performance, of course :-) !

I believe that security could be "easily" implemented with a good logic 
framework, we have marvellous tools to do that.

Best regards,

                    Guillaume FORTAINE

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