The "region overlap" problem in the L4/Fiasco hello example

Emanuel Thomas Emanuel.Thomas at
Fri Aug 11 18:06:31 CEST 2006

Ronald Aigner wrote on 06/13/06 13:25:
> chenggh wrote on 13.06.2006 09:15 this:
>>> Hi,everyone:
>>>      When I boot the hello example in the L4/Fiasco. there is a "region 
>>> overlap" in the booting information.  I don't why it could be like this. The 
>>> grub configuration and the error information is following:

I've the same problem with the hello example. But when I change the
modaddr the problem resides. The "Module Memory" is alway beginning at
0x0013a000 and thus overlaps with other ones.
Anyone has an idea why?

title hello world
kernel /bootstrap
modaddr 0x02000000
module /fiasco -nowait -nokdb
module /sigma0
module /roottask
module /hello

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