As a beginner, hello, not working due to trap...

WanKeun Jo jowkju at
Mon Sep 11 04:56:38 CEST 2006

Hello, I'm WanKeun Jo.

Thank you for your response, Adam Lackorzynski ..
I attach more info about my system... 

>> grub's config file.

title       Hello_World
kernel      (hd0,5)/fiasco/bootstrap -comport 1 -serial
modaddr     0x02000000
module      (hd0,5)/fiasco/fiasco -nokdb
module      (hd0,5)/fiasco/sigma0
module      (hd0,5)/fiasco/roottask
module      (hd0,5)/fiasco/hello


>> Error Messages

 64 Entry I TLB (4K or 4M pages)                                 
  64 Entry D TLB (4k or 4M pages)                                 
 12K ?ops T Cache (8-way associative                                   
   8 KB L1 D Cache (4-way associative, 64 bytes per line)                                                         
 256 KB L2 U Cache (8-way associative, 64 bytes per line)                                                         

Freeing init code/data: 16384 bytes (4 pages)                                             

EAX 00000000 EBX 00000014 ECX 00000005 EDX f0019e3d                                                   
ESI 00000001 EDI 00004000 EBP f001ba08 ESP f001b9fc                                                   
EIP f0012634 EFLAGS 00200046                            
CS 0008 SS 0010 DS 0023 ES 0023 FS 0023 GS 0023                                               
trap 3 (Breakpoint), error 00000000, from kernel mode                                                     
Panic: terminated due to trap                             
Return reboots, "k" enters L4 kernel debugger...                                                

>> My kernel configuration file

How can I solve this problem??

Thank you!!!!

- WanKeun Jo.
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