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Norman Feske nf2 at
Mon Oct 9 18:55:35 CEST 2006

Hello Ratko,

if you are interested in dynamically starting and stopping
applications while running DOpE, you should take a look at
the 'run' utility that comes with the loader-examples.
Even though this program is a console program, you can use
it with DOpE by starting the proxygon server (package
proxygon), which implements the console service as DOpE
application. By using 'run', you can start and stop programs
and dump information about the used dataspaces in the
system. This might be a good starting point.

For properly killing applications, the event server must
be running and you need to specify the '--events' switch
for 'dm_phys', 'l4dope', 'simple_ts', and 'names'.

> 3. What are those 4 slide bars by the linux window in DOpE?

These bars visualize the drawing activity (bus load) of
DOpE's simple built-in real-time scheduler. In the past,
we used it for demonstrating the real-time properties
of DOpE. For normal use, these bars are quite meaningless.
However, some of our students liked the 'heartbeat'
very much, so I left the load display enabled by default.

> 6. How do I halt L4 and DOpE?

There is no graceful system shutdown implemented.
Usually, we start DOpE via static boot-time GRUB
configuration and halt it by rebooting the machine.

Norman Feske

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