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ratko ratko at
Tue Oct 10 09:03:30 CEST 2006

Adam Lackorzynski said:
>> 2. Where can I see how much memory I can assign to vmlinuz (how much
>> memory
>> uses DOpE and L4)?
> L4Linux can be given the 'mem=xx' option in the loader config file, like
> in native Linux. With 'L4', do you mean the kernel? The amount of memory
> taken by the kernel is configured in the kernel itself and is usually
> some percent of the system memory up to some maximum. Currently it's
> something around 6%, iirc.

yes, I know about mem=xx. What i dont know is: what is maximum memory left
for vmlinuz to use.

for exmple:
i have 128mb of memory in PC.
L4 uses: Xmb
vmlinuz can use 128mb - Xmb = Ymb

I tried giving "mem=64" option but (i think DOpE) says it cannot assign
64mb to vmlinux. option "mem=50" worked. I don't think it's just a "try
and see" method, there must be some other way.

>> 4. How can I run more that one Linux process?
> Easily. Norman already mentioned the 'run' utility. Just start L4Linux
> another time. You should make sure that the second L4Linux is not
> touching any hardware the first one is already using, or someone else.
> Switching off PCI in L4Linux is a good start.

So new Linux needs another root, swap... seems logical.


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