L4Linux and virtualization

Bjoern Doebel doebel at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Tue Nov 14 09:10:44 CET 2006

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Robert Gubler wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to run two L4Linux 2.4 based kernels and one L4Linux 2.6 based
> kernel.  Is this something that can be achieved relatively easily or
> would all running kernels need to be 2.6/2.4?

Should not be a problem, although I currently don't know whether Adam still
supports L4Linux2.4.

> How do the 'guest' kernels communicate to each other in an L4
> environment? 

Depends. If you have some applications that are aware of running on top of
L4, these can use L4 IPC for communication.

> In User Mode Linux (UML) and Xen on the guest kernels there
> is built-in support for pseudo Ethernet devices; these devices are then
> bridged together on the host kernel.  I understand the architecture is
> considerably different in L4, but is there some similar mechanism
> already in place that allows Ethernet/IP communication between the
> running Linux kernels?

Yes, of course. The only difference in our architecture is, that our
network bridge is not running in a kernel, but as a user-space application
right along with your Linux kernels. It is called ORe and can be found in
l4/pkg/ore. L4Linux comes with a network device driver stub that interfaces

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