No mouse and keyboard with the L4Linux/DOpE

Norman Feske nf2 at
Wed Nov 15 10:47:52 CET 2006


I guess, L4IO ignores the option "-noirq" because long options
must be prefixed with "--". Single hyphens are valid for short
options only. By ignoring this option however, L4IO attaches
to all IRQs and L4Input cannot attach to IRQ 1 and 12 after that.

> module          (hd0,1)/boot/L4Linux/l4io -noirq --events

This should be: --noirq --events

> module          (hd0,1)/boot/L4Linux/l4exec --events
> module          (hd0,1)/boot/L4Linux/l4dope -l4io --menubar --transparency

This should be: --l4io --menubar --transparency


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