Does the L4/Fiasco boot from CF card?

Martin Pohlack mp26 at
Sat Nov 18 11:42:29 CET 2006

Hi Cheng,

chenggh wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Today I want to boot the L4/Fiasco/L4Linux in the CF card. I copy all the 
> necessary files into the CF card and install the Grub-0.97-os.1 in this CF 
> card. My test machine is a VIA development board and in this board the CF 
> card is connected with this machine by the IDE plugin.
> 	My grub menu.lst is as following:
> title           L4Linux26/Fiasco+dope
> kernel          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/bootstrap
> modaddr         0x06000000
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/main -nowait -nokdb -serial_esc -comspeed 
> 115200 -comport 1
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/sigma0
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/roottask task modname "bmodfs" attached 4 
> modules
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/events
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/names --events
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/log --events
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/dm_phys --isa=0x00800000 -v --events
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/simple_ts -t 300 --events
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/rtc --events
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/l4io --noirq --events
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/l4exec --events
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/l4dope --l4io --menubar --transparency
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/loader --fprov=BMODFS linux26.cfg
> module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/bmodfs
>         module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/vmlinuz26
>         module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/linux26.cfg
>         module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/
>         module          (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/
> vbeset 0x117 506070
> 	In the PC I have tested this configuration file and it is ok. Wh en I boot 
> the VIA machine I choose the only one option to have this results.
> 	Booting L4Linux26/Fiasco+dope
> 	kernel  (hd0,0)/boot/L4Linux/bootstrap
> 	Error 13 Invalid or unsupported executable format
> 	pass anykey to continue...

Maybe the CF card reader is not fully ATA compatible?  Maybe it emulates
SCSI?  Even if it emulates an ATA drive, are you sure it is visible as
(hd0) to grub?  Maybe you have to change the paths.


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