TC and L4

Marcel Winandy winandy at
Thu Nov 23 18:59:30 CET 2006

> > Are there any interfaces supplied by L4 to access TPM?
> There is a prototype server, which gives you a /dev/tpm like
> interface. Unfortunately is this server not public until now.

> > Are there any trusted platform application on L4?
> Yes, we have some and we are currently working in the OpenTC project
> to build some more.

You can also have a look at the EMSCB project:

On the website you can download a demo CD which contains a very simple TPM 
client application (it shows you some basic information about the TPM like 
version number, public key, and you can get random numbers from the TPM). The 
source code is also available.

More applications on L4 are currently under development in the EMSCB project, 
and as Bernhard said, in the OpenTC project.

Kind regards,
Marcel Winandy
Applied Data Security Group, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

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