vbemode option in l4dope?

Gábor Bérczi (Gabucino) gabor at berczi.be
Mon Nov 27 11:44:14 CET 2006

On 2006.11.27., at 11:34, Norman Feske wrote:

> I wonder what goes wrong with setting the VBE mode with GRUB?
> Are you sure, you use the proper GRUB version? The standard
> version of GRUB does not support vbeset. You can find Adam's
> patches for GRUB versions with vbeset support here:
>    http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~adam/projects.shtml

I use 0.97-os.1, took it from the demo CD AFAIR. The CVS version is  
quite uncompilable, but if there is interest I can submit the bugs here.

This is the last message (on serial), while the Qemu screen is black  
and empty (it does change its size, so I guess vbeset works, and the  
failure is in L4/Fiasco somewhere)

Welcome to Fiasco(ia32)!
DD-L4(v2)/x86 microkernel (C) 1998-2006 TU Dresden
Rev: Thu Nov 23 10:27:00 2006 compiled with gcc 3.4.4 for Intel  
Pentium Pro
Performance-critical config option(s) detected:

l4con works nicely however (with its --vbemode), there are  
screenshots on my site about that (http://www.gabucino.be/).

Gábor Bérczi

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