vbemode option in l4dope?

Gábor Bérczi (Gabucino) gabor at berczi.be
Mon Nov 27 19:21:23 CET 2006

On 2006.11.27., at 18:49, Norman Feske wrote:

> That is a very untypical last message and tells me quite
> nothing about your problem.

Yes I thought so.

> However, I have compiled an ISO
> image for you, which features current binaries, uses GRUB's
> vbeset, and works with QEMU. You can get it here:
>    http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~nf2/tmp/vbeset-image.iso
> You should try out this image using the following command
> line options to see all debug messages:
>    qemu -m 64 -serial stdio -cdrom vbeset-image.iso

Thanks. Doesn't work ;( The effect is the same. I've tried

Q.app version Q-0.8.1a35 and Q-0.8.2d52 with OpenGL, DirectDraw, and  
Quartz video outputs, with or without the Q frontend.

i386-softmmu -cdrom vbeset-image.iso -boot d -serial stdio -m 64

Gábor Bérczi

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