vbemode option in l4dope?

Michael Roitzsch mroi at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Wed Nov 29 10:02:02 CET 2006


>>> Works fine here. I am using Q version 0.8.2d52 with OpenGL on a
>>> MacBook Pro running OS X 10.4.8. Trying to find the difference: Are
>>> you on a PowerPC or an Intel Mac?
>> Mine is a PowerPC model. I'll check it on an intel one.
> Ok I tested it.
> Using the same harddisk image:
> - on a MacBook, and i386-softmmu (i386), l4dope works!!
> - on a MacBook, and i386-softmmu (ppc - rosetta), it segfaults before
> grub screen
> - on an iBook, and i386-softmmu (ppc), l4dope doesn't work, as I said
> So it would seem that the i386-softmmu/ppc binary is broken somehow.
> I'll compile my own tonight and see if it makes any difference.

Sounds like this is a job for the Q/qemu experts.

>> PS and OT: Are you the Gabucino who worked on MPlayer? I am asking
>> because I am the Michael from xine. :)
> :) Yes it's me. Good old (flaming) times before YAML (yet-another-
> mplayer-leaving), huh? :)) At least I found it to be of great fun...

In the end it was quite fortunate to have these two competing  
projects. Linux multimedia wouldn't be where it is now without the  
fighting. Unfortunately, both projects have lost pace. :(


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