AW: L4Linux on L4Ka::Pistachio

Christian, Martin, OPEE45 Martin.Christian at
Fri Dec 15 10:11:14 CET 2006

Hi Adam!

>> a) Is the L4Env required for running L4Linux?
> Yes but that's no strict requirement.
How much time would it probably take, to adjust L4Linux without L4Env to
the L4 Interface of Pistachio? Did anybody try this?

>> This is part of my "Diplomarbeit" at the University of Leipzig.
> That isn't too far away from here.
Well, actually I'm in Friedrichshafen with EADS to write my thesis. But
I'm studying at the University of Leipzig.

>> b) How much time would it take to port L4Env to L4Ka::Pistachio?
> It would probably take me a month or two
That's definitely more time, than I've got left. I also assume you know
L4Env much better than I do, so it would take me even longer.

>> d) What about the Fiasco port to PowerPC from Mathias Lange?
> This didn't come to an end.
That's a pity! :-(

>> e) If Fiasco would be running on PowerPC, would it be possible
>> to run L4Linux without changes?
> If one wants to have binary compatibility then some PPC code needs
> to be there. And then that would not be the way I'm currently doing
> things.
As far as I understood Michael Hohmuths Diplomarbeit, all Hardware
access from Linux is replaced by sycalls to L4. Is that still the case?
And so far only the IA32 part of Linux is changed that way, isn't it? So
I would basically need to rewrite the PowerPC architecture part of
Linux, basically. Isn't it the way things are supposed to be done?

> Yes, L4Linux-2.4 also runs in Pistachio, at least it did when we
> on it. It's all in the l4ka CVS.
I'll try it. :-)

> I suppose support on this is basically non-existent.
L4Ka::Pistachio for PowerPC is also not really supported, so I'm used to
not getting support! :-(



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