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Thanks for your replies.

--- Stefan Kalkowski
<stefan.kalkowski at os.inf.tu-dresden.de> wrote:
> have a look at here:
> http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/opentc/download.xml

I downloaded source-20061016-p3.tar.bz2. Set
HOST_CC,CC to gcc-3.3 and HOST_CXX and CXX to g++-3.3
in build_l4/.Makeconf.bid.

Doing make in the top-level directory created the
build. Entered l4/ and did make O=../build_l4. It
compiled fine.

Now, I created a small package l4/pkg/hiworld and ran
../../mk/tmpl/inst to create required files in
hiworld/ directory. On doing make O=../build_l4 again,
hiworld was compiled.

Built fiasco-ux and irq0 (using same gcc-3.3 and
g++-3.3) in fiasco/ directory. Copied sigma0-ux,
roottask, fiasco, irq0 and hiworld to /tmp/build
directory. Changed to the directory and ran:

  ./fiasco -l hiworld

=== Output BEGINS===  

Fiasco-UX on Linux 2.6.17 (i686)
Mapped 64 MB Memory + 0 KB Framebuffer + 0 MB Input
Area on FD 3

Loading Module 0x00090000-0x00096c24 [sigma0-ux]
Loading Module 0x00120000-0x002bda14 [roottask]
Copying Module 0x03949000-0x039e0bd4 [hiworld]


Welcome to Fiasco(ux)!
DD-L4(v2)/x86 microkernel (C) 1998-2006 TU Dresden
Rev: Unknown compiled with gcc 3.3.6 for Intel Pentium

CPU: GenuineIntel (6:9:5:16) Model: Pentium-M (Banias)
at 1395 MHz

 128 Entry I TLB (4K pages)      2 Entry I TLB (4M
 128 Entry D TLB (4K pages)      8 Entry D TLB (4M
  32 KB L1 I Cache (8-way associative, 64 bytes per
  32 KB L1 D Cache (8-way associative, 64 bytes per
1024 KB L2 U Cache (8-way associative, 64 bytes per

Freeing init code/data: 24576 bytes (6 pages)

SIGMA0: Hello!
  Found Fiasco: KIP syscalls: yes.
  Allocated 20kB for maintenance structures.

  Found Fiasco-UX.
  Command line found: "roottask"

   64512kB (  63MB) total RAM (reported by bootloader)
   56600kB (  56MB) received RAM from Sigma0
    2268kB (   3MB) reserved RAM for RMGR
  Received no I/O ports
  Attached irqs = [ <!0> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

Roottask: Loading 1 module.
#05: loading "hiworld"
     from [03949000-039e0bd4] to
     entry at 0000d060 via trampoline page code
     symbols at [039ec000-039f0000] (16kB), lines at
[03939000-03949000] (64kB)

*hiworld | [5.0]
*hiworld |  L4RM: no dataspace manager found!

--PANIC, 'g' for
(5.00) jdb: g

=== Output ENDS ===

Do we need to build applications in a separate manner
for fiasco-ux? The downloaded snapshot is exclusively
for fiasco?



Shakthi Kannan

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