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Thanks Volkmar,
that sound promising! However, I'll first try if the L4Linux Kernel 2.4 is running on Pistachio for PowerPC. If not, I will look deeper into the kernel 2.6, so I can estimate how much work it is. I've got to minimize my time to (scientific) market. ;-)

... It just came to my mind, that I might confuse things. Is the L4Linux with Kernel 2.4 architecture neutral? That is, there is only L4 dependent C Code and no "real" architecture dependent code like IA32/PowerPC Assembler. I suppose I should just start to get the force and read the source. ;-)

Nice holidays,


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According to some people I talked to over here, Linux for PPC has pretty
much everything abstracted already.  So the job at hand is to fill the
architecture specific function table with the L4 specific implementation.
Linux on Power is more abstracted than x86 in order to accommodate the
various hardware platforms and chip versions (...and to run on IBM's

- Volkmar

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